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Signage Spotlight —
Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care

Designed, manufactured and installed by Neokraft Signs in the Summer of 2007, the signage at the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care, in Augusta, Maine, includes a large freestanding ground ID sign, along with multiple sets of building ID letters.

The Ground ID sign begins with a fabricated aluminum 20 foot long radiused face with internally lit routed push-through copy (including translucent copper patina letter faces!) An inner body parallels the outer face with halo-lit separation within descending arch reveals. Silver argent accent adds additional separation between the white and green architectural colors. The finished ground sign was attached to a beautifully assembled masonry base located at the entrance to the facility. Electrical coordination was critical between Neokraft and the Masonry contractor.

Wall letters consist of FCO pieces painted to Click to open or save this page as a printable PDF documentmatch specific architectural elements found on the buildings, providing a homogenous blend of signage with architecture!