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Amber LED EMC at Dave's Appliance - Winthrop, Maine
    Employ an
Electronic Message Center       from Neokraft as your
"Salesman on the Street"

Effective Communication!
An Electronic Message Center (EMC) allows you to communicate more effectively with the public at any particular time of day by changing messages and graphics to match the profile on the street. Adjusting electronic messages to target traffic profiles for the season, day of week, or even time of day, will greatly increase a sign's readership and effectiveness!

Most importantly, (regardless of the message), viewers will remember two things:
   • What the business is
   • Where the business is located

Effective signs are critical for retailers and can contribute to the success of almost any business. Enhancements such as electronic message displays often return increases of 15% to 150% in sales. Why? By "branding" a site— using specific logos to support a rotation of advertising messages— impulse stops increase and customer buying habits are changed.

The flexibility of an EMC from Neokraft will allow you to advertise hourly specials, weekly promotions, new products or valuable services ("free delivery!") to passers-by, attracting positive attention and customer traffic. Whether you aim to sell tickets to a school play, promote a sales program, share important community information, or simply provide the time and temperature, electronic message centers are the answer.

Make the Comparison:
Dollar-for dollar in cost per thousand views, no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and economy of an electronic message display.

   •  Newspaper advertising - Average cost of $7.39 for 1000
           views within a 10-mile radius of the business location
   •  Television advertising - About $6.26 per 1000views
   •  Radio advertising - $5.47 per 1000 views
   •  Electronic Message Center display signage from
          Neokraft - Typically less than $0.15 per 1000 exposures!

Neokraft's competitive pricing makes buying or leasing an electronic message center more affordable than ever!

Calculate Your Return On Investment!
A quick return on investment can justify the purchase of and electronic sign. Now you can easily calculate the ROI of electronic signage for YOUR business right here!

Electronic Signs: valuable tools
for Banks, Schools and Towns!

Electronic signs are not limited to retailers! Neokraft continues to provide electronic message displays for dozens of Financial, Educational and Municipal clients throughtout New England.

Our Electronic Display gallery is updated frequently with photos of many of our EMD installation throughout Maine and the Northeast. Click Here to visit the Gallery!




Want to see More?
Our Electronic Display gallery is updated frequently with photos of many of our EMD installation throughout Maine and the Northeast. Click Here to visit the Gallery!

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Full Color EMC at Agren Appliance - Auburn, Maine

Motorists often look forward to reading clever new messages and can come to rely on them if they also contain a service.

Neokraft Gives You Options
With a choice between the leading suppliers of electronic message displays such as Hyperion™, Unilumin™,
Watchfire™, Time-O-Matic™, Daktronics™, Adaptive™, Alpha Eclipse™, Signal-tech and Optec™, Neokraft provides the flexibility and options to meet any budget or display requirement you may have!

Notable Features:
Red, amber, tri-color (RG) or full color (RGB) display
   •  100,000 hour LEDs—  up to 90% more energy efficient,
           40% brighter and easier to maintain than older displays
   •  Display sizes to fit every application
   •  Single-sided, double-sided or master/slave configurations
   •  Easy-to-use software with secure programming access
   •  Cable, LAN, fiber optic, or wireless communication options
   •  Rugged enclosures ensure long-term operation
   •  Fully field serviceable / comprehensive warranty

Use Your Display the Smart Way
Generally, 1 inch of letter height will produce 60 feet of readability, 120 feet for a 2 inch letter, etc. Allow 5 to 9 seconds for 10 characters and 9 to 16 seconds for 20 characters of reading comprehension.

Red LED EMC at Chalet Motel (Rodeway Inn) - Lewiston, Maine

A 10 character message
might read:

A 20 character message
might read:

Using a 20 character message with a 5.5 inch letter height, a viewer driving at 55 MPH might only be able to read "BIG TENT SALE..." before passing by the sign.


  4.5" ht 270 feet   7.4 sec n/a n/a
  5.5" ht     330 feet    9.0 sec 5.0 sec n/a
  7.0" ht   420 feet   11.5 sec 6.4 sec 5.2 sec
  9.0" ht    540 feet    14.7 sec  8.2 sec 6.7 sec

Now Greater Freedom for Electronic Signs!

Maine's Revised Statutes (Title 23) now clarify the acceptable use of changeable and electronic display signage. This means you can now change messages more often than before! Find out your local ordinance allowances right here.

Introducing the 4U2SEE Tri-Color Electronic Message Display! Add more color for a fraction of the cost of a full color display! Click to get details and check out our lowest pricing ever! Save Money with Tri-Color Technology!
Neokraft now offers the new 4U2SEE Tri-Color electronic message display system as an economical way to Click to open or save this page as a printable PDF document add more color to your sign. At a fraction of the cost of a full color RGB display, you can incorporate a Tri-Color (RGY) display and attract more attention than any single color (Red or Amber) display.

Contact us today and find out if a tri-color, single-color or full-color electronic display would best suit your signage needs!

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